About Us

We Will Help Choosing and Will Always Hear Your Wishes

The peculiarity of our work lies in searching, selecting and offering you some really useful and simple equipment – the ones that we personally want to work with and that’s why we offer it to you. And yet, that is not the easiest thing to do – find an alarm system or a surveillance camera featuring modern design, simple installation, easy set-up and also a low cost that would coexist together in harmony. But we gave it a try, and we hope we succeeded.

Pipl Systems is The Store That Cares About People

We promote interesting and life-useful devices in the security, safety and comfortable life areas to the mass market. Yes, we namely promote and not just selling, because our security (and not security only) market for a long time has been focusing on the sales only, forgetting about the customer satisfaction parameter. Our desire is to bring some humanness onto the market.

We Can Be Trusted

You can always rely on our experience in finding the best solution for your video surveillance, security system and a smart home. No matter how large it is: a room, an apartment, a country house, an office or a warehouse — we always have some ideas on how to make this system reliable, functional, pretty and affordable. However, if you are planning something particularly ambitious, extending beyond the boundaries of an apartment, also feel free to contact us – we were helping our customers to launch those unique awesome projects throughout many years.

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